Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The big apple

I actually craiglisted my sublet located in Greenwich Village. My friends thought I was crazy to do this, but the whole experience turned out to be great! My host was wonderful and my room was wonderful. The bed was soo comfortable! Oh, and this pic is the ladder that led up to my bed. My room was a cozy loft. Kind of like an oversized bunk bed.
I'm so glad I didn't fall off the edge! I made sure I stuck close to the wall when I slept.

Shack Burger: my friend told me I was lucky to come on this day because the line to wait was really short. Quick, cheap, and incredibly delicious.

Some jasmine green tea I had inside a Japanese store across from Bryant Park. This store had an amazing collection of Japanese fashion magazines that I spent looking through for hours...
The Miss Sixty booties I scored for $30!
BDG boyfriend blazer, BDG skirt, H&M belt, Miss Sixty booties 
Just a couple of pics taken in the city! The weather was extremely cold when I arrived but by the time I left, it was sunny! New Yorkers shed their winter coats and had a chance to show off more spring like clothes. Oh and I basically OD'd on pinkberry... yumm! Didn't have much time to shop but I did score some awesome Miss Sixty booties! This is exactly why I love New York! I can't wait to return this summer. Ohhh the sales...


LoveMore said...

you are so pretty! your bone structure is heaven!

looks like great wait where are you from? the little loft you stayed in looks great :)

xx LM

Allie said...

So so fun! Lucky girl.

Trixie La Belle said...

YOu look so PRETTY=D
Im so jealous, I'd give anything to be able to just apparate into New York right here and now^^