Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Being the dreamer I am, the city of Paris is constantly on my mind. I have several friends studying abroad in Peh-ree in the fall and I'm thinking about visiting at least one of them. I'm a half-spontaneous and half-planner of a person, which may explain why I'm having a spur of the moment idea to go some place on a designated date. Whatever the case, I think I might just go. Even if it was just me going I could see myself wandering and exploring the streets, independently. I tend to go places solo anyway. Besides, I've never been to Paris in the fall.


gianluca said...

je veux venir avec toi...mais tu deja sais que je ne suis pas tres sporadique comme tu....

who knows though. maybe we can go!!!!

shopgirl28 said...

That sounds fabulous. I hope you get to go. I've always wanted to see Paris, it's sounds like walking in a dream.