Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bang, bang.

photo credits: All taken by me.

I was in New York last week! My trip involved a lot of eating, drinking, shopping, walking, and exploring (the usual). This trip was my first time back since turning twenty-one. So with that said, bar hopping around Brooklyn and the City was a must on my list of things to do. I also indulged in some vintage/thrift store shopping and discovered a fabulous faux-fur vest!
But before this recent excursion, I somehow built up the courage to cut my own bangs. It's definitely a new look for me. I've never tried anything this drastic in over ten years. I'm still getting used to it.
Looking through all the pictures I took, I am really missing New York. Need and will go back soon.


featherfactor said...

Love the shot of the DVF store :) I love New York - hope you get to visit again soon! And your bangs look fantastic...they frame your face very well.

Raspberry & Rouge said...

I LOVE NEW YORK! Don't you? It is amazing! Thanks for sharing these images, I miss the city! XO Raspberry & Rouge