Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Some of these pictures are old, some of these pictures are new. These are just a few things I like right now. I really don't care what people say about Ms. Moss or Ms. Miller because since junior high and high school I've always admired these ladies (regardless their behavior). The picture of James Franco is one of my favorites. His material is hilarious! Especially the ones with his little brother Dave Franco. The other black and white photo with the girl and the cigarette is just simply beautiful. The Sartorialist + Paris = perfection. And the other two are pieces from Vena Cava and from Philip Lim's Fall 2009 RTW. I miss Sophie, Lisa, and Chrissy from VC. Love those girls. They made my first internship experience a memorable one. Anyway, this post is really random but just felt like messing around photoshop and posting something! 

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