Monday, February 23, 2009

From London: It's Miller time

Tights are definitely a must have for these sisters. I especially love the first and third looks... only if their hair were up in a messy bun. Ahh... the effortlessness! And those shoes! Wouldn't mind getting me a pair of those :) All of this is really simple yet says Seattle all over them. Yay to grunge! The Miller sisters def. have style, but I was disappointed in not seeing a flirty "English" dress. Instead the line included shiny nye type dresses. Oh well, still looking forward to what the duo will come up with next.


LoveMore said...

oh yes love tights and those miller sisters! hot hot hot!
thanks for your comment, great blog here darling!

xxxx LM

Monika Dubska said...

Waw Seattle?! ive always wanted to go there, and LOVE the tights :D

I like in Kent (2 hours from London by train) I think London is awesome but so so so busy!

Ah i wish i went to America so bad!

Monika ♥

LoveMore said...

oh i love the messy bun look too! i wear my hair in a bun virtually every single day! haha

thanks SO much for your kind comment! you are lovely :)

xxx LM

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, =]

Oh, I so agree. And I love his 'American' accent even more than his true British one!! yummmy. xx

frances said...

so hotttt, I love the shoes too! x

Monika Dubska said...

ahhhhhhh great idea haha ^.^
i know its crazy :(
when i save some more money i will for sure!


Monika ♥