Sunday, February 15, 2009

Outstanding in every field

After wearing my old Banana Republic rain boots until they ripped, I finally had an excuse to buy these wonderful new Hunter wellies! I originally wanted a green pair but since my old black rain boots gave up on me, I decided to start with the basics. Black does go with everything. I bought these online and when they came in the mail, I was a little disappointed to see that white residue covered the boots. Online it says the residue comes from the extra coating of wax to protect the boots. And that they easily come off with a damp cloth. Wrong! I scrubbed for a good thirty minutes! 

Well, with that said, I'm still happy I bought these boots. I love wearing them with dark skinny jeans or even leggings. They're not as heavy as I thought they would be. I just hope they last longer than my other boots. 


dah said...

awkward boots!

modern antoinette said...

I've been wanting to buy some. I love them, great buy. They would be fantastic for spring in Montreal

I'm adding you to my links.
Thanks for the sweet comment

jacjewelry said...

Thanks for the info on the white residue. Got mine about a month ago, and just noticed the increased residue after wearing them a few times. Glad yours came off eventually - I was getting a bit worried, and you're right, it doesn't come off easily!