Sunday, April 5, 2009

Russian Red

So I finally purchased some lipstick! This shade is Russian Red by M.A.C. I also bought Morange. My dad thought Morange was a little too extreme for me, but I told him that I could probably only pull these shades off when I'm young so he didn't say anything else. I have been expressing my mood with nail polish colors but I think I will experiment with lipstick shades now. There's a sense of being more woman-like when wearing lipstick. I used to be strictly a Burt's and Bees chapstick kind of gal but it looks like I'm growing up.
And I totally forgot to take pictures with my new open toe oxfords from Corso Como. I bought one in black and one in brown. I think they're perfect for the warmer weather that has yet to come. 

Flea Market cardigan, trouvé dress shirt, H&M leggings and belt, Corso Como oxfords


Moorea Seal said...

LOVE the lips! so pretty!

Miss Mae said...

love this lip color! Adorable on you!


modern antoinette said...

The shade of lipstick looks really great on you. Good buy!!

And I'm in love with those cute booties.


Bianca and Isabella said...

the sweater really ties everthing in love.

LoveMore said...

girl you wear russian red to PERFECTION! looks amazing on you!!!

thanks for your comment and i hope you had a lovely weekend!!!

love LM xxx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like Russian Red

♥ fashion chalet said...

ahhh they returned Sarah Marshall before I got a chance to watch it :[

I love your shoes, lady, and the red lipstick is phenomenal on you! :]


alissa said...

great color! i love what a bold statement great lipstick can make - and very classic too!
great blog :)

Alessandro said...

Hey! I found your blogspot through LOOKBOOK, and it's cool to read other people in the city's blogs. Btw I open toed boots are awesome.

Bookmarking your site.

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